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Taar’s tips - Night out

Date Night – a romantic night during your holiday so make it something special. I love to have romantic dinners with candle light, I mean who doesn’t? Ibiza is filled with the most amazing restaurants and I’ve not even seen everything yet. Each season so many new ones arrive and open their doors on the island.  I have highlighted below a few of my favorites for a true romantic date night and where I would take my boy and where he takes me. Let us know what you think and if you had a good time.

Casa Maca
Sipping my espresso martini overlooking Ibiza town whilst eating outside underneath the stars, sounds like a dream?  Casa Maca can make your dreams come true as this is the reality of this gorgeous restaurant.  I have been coming here since the first day they opened their doors and the food is always good and the drinks are always flowing!  It’s a little less comfy on your wallet as the prices are a little on the high side but after my experience, it’s well worth the little extra.  The service is always friendly even if I just want to have a drink on the terrace after work ( a thing that happens a lot, lol).  They are also open in the winter season and serve a menu during the day time - this is a definite must try.  Look out for their exceptional organized events – had a fabulous time here last New Year!!

Ses Escoles
The melted “camembert” with bread here is the go to for everyone who adores cheese as well as the little pizza slices with aubergine – to die for!
This cute little olive oil farm with restaurant has amazing food and a typical Spanish outlook.  It’s also open in the winter time to eat inside with a crackling fire but in the summer, eating in their cute Spanish garden with candle light is a treat in itself.

Terra Masia
My forever favorite!!  Here I spend my most magical nights with friends and lover.  This place is simply gorgeous.

 An organic farm where you can also get your veggie box and fresh eggs, organizes the most romantic of dinners. Tables are laid out between their lemon fields and each time a different menu is served.  The menu is prepared by different chefs, all organic and from the farm.   Eating until late, getting tipsy between the lemon fields and chatting about life – I mean that’s life itself right there!!  

Giri Café
This cute little restaurant located in the even cuter village of San Juan is just amazing.  You can sit inside or out and is a great spot if your kids come along on your date.  They have a Tipee in the back of the garden which is ideal for the kids to play in.  Eating between the homegrown veggies, enjoying  the most delicious food by candle light is an absolute treat.  Their cocktails are a definite must try and their service is always ultra-friendly. NOTE:  I took my boyfriend here the first week we met and boy was it romantic!  

Jul’s Ibiza
Get dressed, put on your heels and get ready for a true night out!  Juls is a fabulous restaurant for romantic dinners ….. their desserts are just the best and the vibe is truly amazing.  Treat yourself to their delicious menu and eat until the late hours.   Their wine menu is one of the best on the island and I don’t know why, but each time I go there everyone is just so sexy and sassy!

Can Berri Vell If I think of this restaurant it just gives me butterflies.  A beautiful Spanish restaurant located in the village of Saint Augustin on the opposite side of the church.  Extremely romantic with great food and a typical Spanish atmosphere.  There are idyllic little corners with tables and a big outside/indoor plaza. Enjoy the company of some street cats that come and join you for dinner.    

A Mi Manera
Mix and match decorated garden located in the north of the island with an Italian fusion kind of kitchen.  The Pulpo is a definite must try and I just love the fact that the menu is small – you know the food will be good!  Eating underneath the trees with candle light, music playing in the background, super friendly service and a great vibe – what’s not to like? Note:  Also open in the low season – a way better option if you ask me.  

La Granja
A must do on your holiday!  The first time I came here I could not believe my eyes!  It’s a super special spot – not something you come across every day. The menu includes meat, fish or vegan and it will be served with veggies from the farm – each dish better than the other.  The vibe is truly amazing and really gives you the “campo” nature feel. Note:  Ask for the Herbas (the liquor from the island) – they make their own – you will not be disappointed.  Enjoy!