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Taar’s Tips – New Year On The Island

2023 is around the corner, which means… time to celebrate! In this post, I will highlight some of my favorite new year activities on Ibiza. Did you know you can party for three days straight (!) in the biggest clubs, and it is common to celebrate new year’s with a big brunch at a restaurant on the 1st of January? I am super excited to tell you all the ins and outs, so let's get started!

30th of December | Amnesia
As I said, you can party three days in a row. So two days before new years, you can already show your best (and last) dance moves of 2022. The party in Amnesia starts at 19:00 and ends at 06:00. That means enough time to dance your ass off!

31st of December | Pacha
If you are looking for a party where you can dance all night long, Pacha is the place to be! Pacha Ibiza is a nightclub nearby Ibiza town. In Pacha is usually closed for the whole winter, but they will open their doors for their new year’s special on the 31st of December! You can enjoy the music of the best DJ’s and drink the most fancy cocktails. So, if you are a party animal, get your tickets for this amazing event at Pacha!

1st of January | New Year’s Dive
Start your day with a new year’s dive at Las Salinas beach! You will immediately lose your hangover because the water is freezing! But I promise, it’s so refreshing and you will feel better afterwards! Vinco & Co started this typical Dutch tradition in Ibiza more than ten years ago. Everyone can participate, and Vinco & Co will take care of the wine to toast (again) for 2023. The first round starts at noon. See you there?

1st of January | La Escollera
After a refreshing dive, it is time for a big, long brunch. La Escollera is the best place to do this! It is located in the far south of Ibiza. On new year's day, the brunch starts at 13:00. Everyone is sitting at one big table outside in the sun, while enjoying the stunning sea view. Their food really is the best, pinky promise. They serve authentic Spanish and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, and there are also enough options for vegetarians and vegans!

1st of January | Yemanja
Another lovely brunch spot next to the sea, is Yemanja. You can find this Mediterranean restaurant at Cala Jondal. The sea view is breathtaking and their food is amazing! You could share some tapas or go for a paella with fresh cuttlefish and prawns. I would definitely recommend the Pulpo Jondal!

My go-to list:
* Amnesia | Pyramid The Last One | 30th of December.
* Akasha | 30th of December.
* Lio | Ibiza Talents | 30th of December.
* Pacha | Music On New Year's Eve | 31st of December.
* Six Senses Ibiza | 31st of January.
* Akasha | 31st of January.
* Lio | New Year's Eve hosted by Toy Room | 31st of January.
* Amnesia | Elrow | 1st of January.
* DC-10 | CircoLoco Ibiza NYD | 1st of January.

“Happy new year babes -xxx- Taar Willoughby.”