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Taar’s tips - Beach Lunches

Feel the Ibiza vibes from my point of view
Sharing my Ibiza tips and my 28 years of love for the island
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Ses Boques
This cute little beach restaurant has the best fish, loving service and is run by a great family! You will be eating with your toes in the sand underneath the trees near the ocean. It has the perfect “Chringuito” vibe.
I love having lunch there but the evenings are also amazing. Think twinkly little lights in the trees, fresh island breeze, listening to the ocean waves.
My favourite dish to order is the Dorade with veggies and fries – the fries are to die for, simply delicious! The Gambas a la ajillo is another one of my go to dishes – but no kissing afterwards though!! Trust me its worth it.
This little bay is located nearby the village of Es Cubbels – don’t miss the “jaw-dropping” view when driving there.

Cala Carbo
Nothing special but somehow just right. This cute little Spanish bay has everything you want for a beachy brunch turning into a late night sit, ending with a swim in the dark because you had too much sangria!!

On this beach you have two restaurants. I always choose the one near the sea mostly because I can sit with my chair in the sand whilst eating my favorite things.The food is simple, spanish and just fine! You will have a breath taking view and the ultimate summer feeling.
Fun Fact: I grew up on this beach and when my brothers and I were young we would walk along the cliff on the left hand side to the next beach - a 20 minute walk but so worth it!

La Escollera
A beautiful beach club with great music and an incredible atmosphere. Give yourself a little luxury with a beach chringuito twist. Located on the edge of the cliff, you will be close to the sea with an amazing view over Es Cavallet beach – simply stunning.
The food is awesome, even the simple salads are great! My fave thing to order is the Amnesia Sushi and Sangria de Cava.

The waiters are super friendly , sometimes a bit “geotic” but hey, so am I!! Fun Fact: During the weekends they have live music with nice groovy tunes to ease you into the holiday mood.
Note: always reserve the sofa beds in front of the restaurant, then you will have the best experience if you ask me.

A small chiringuito hidden in the rocks of the Cala Conte beach.
Walk down the stairs and enjoy the amazing view.
Take a seat at the little table and order yourself a cocktail or two and one of their wraps. Vegan and meat option available and both “fockin” amazing!! Another must try are their mini tangines and fresh juice – simply delicious!
Enjoy the cool summer breeze as you are sitting from your front row sea side – take a plunge after your lunch as there is a little “nudist beach” next to it.

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