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Taar’s tips - Ibiza Old Town

Let’s get one thing straight, I have not seen everything in Ibiza and I am most definitely not an Ibiza Guru! However, I have been coming here since I was one year old and grew up here as my family are lucky enough to have a holiday home here for the past 25 years. I was brought up here with the local people and they took me to the cool, hidden gems of Ibiza.

I moved here permanently when I was 19 years old to start my first shop “Isla Ibiza Bonita” by Taar. You will find this shop in the mid centre of Ibiza Town – Calle Guillem de Montgri 6, 07800 Eiviss Ibiza. Each member of my family is in the fashion/retail sector and somehow, just because life said so, opening a shop in Ibiza was something I stumbled upon but it turned out to be the best decision ever. This season my boyfriend and I opened our brand new “Taar Willoughby” boutique and we are ready for business. This week I will be sharing with you the best places to be in Town.
Old Ibiza Town is home to a cozy, cute little city named Eivissa. Think little idyllic Spanish streets that you have dreamt about but where to go? The one question we get 100 times a day when working in the shops. So here it goes – a view of my favorite places in Ibiza Town to eat and drink.

Meandering through the buzzing streets, you will see Tirapalla written on the wall. This cute little cocktail bar located next to Dalt Vila (the city’s castle), overlooks Ibiza Town. Grab yourself a table and take in the views whilst drinking the best cocktails and listening to summer Ibiza vibes. Be there before 00:00 – after that it’s packed!

La Oliva
One of everyone’s favorites, although I cannot go there a lot because I always work until late, this charming little restaurant located in the streets of Dalt Vila is just what you want for your summer holiday.

Great food, great drinks and great service – what’s not to like! Don’t forget to reserve in advance because it’s always busy.

Can Terra

Can’t wait for a chaotic Spanish tapas bar – this is the place to go! Wait in-line for your table as you grab some pinxos from the bar, get seated next to peeps you don’t know but who cares!! The food is amazing and it’s also amazing for your wallet as the prices are cheap for the amount of food you will be getting. They also have a delightful little outside garden for those hot summer nights.

Es Repos
How about a gorgeous Spanish morning coffee with a pain au chocolate or croissant? Start your morning in town here. The most busy place on Plaza del Parque in the morning.They also create great juices to go – my absolute go to each morning of the week. Note: They serve oatmilk and almond milk – a rare thing in Ibiza.

Locals Only
Great little place on one of my favourite plaza’s in Ibiza Town This place is open all year round and serves great local food – simple and just the way it should be. They work with local brands and companies – something I really like! They have a great wine menu and are happy for you to try them.

Es Tap Nou
A little spanish veggie shop with bar. Looking for a juice to go and some veggies from the island along with a quick simple cheap breakfast?

This is the place to be and where the locals hang. My absolute go to place to get a celery juice after Pilates.

Can Gourmet
The best sandwiches in town created by the coolist Italian guys from the island. These guys make having a “bocadillo” (sandwich) a true experience. Eat your bocadillo made with love and passion in front of their custom made buggy car or take it to go in a mini wooden lemon crate. After finishing this heavenly treat, leave with some island delicacies – they have it all!

Sa Brasa
I was never too keen on this place but I went there yesterday and I’ve got to tell you the food is yummy! It’s like the most romantic spot in town to have a fancy dinner and this season they opened a new terrace towards the back of the restaurant next to the city’s castle. Candles on the tables and a new street musician every hour to play you some great summer acoustic songs. Open until 01.30 am.

L’Apero Resto Bar
A French inspired little bistro located in front of our Taar Willoughby boutique. Eat in one of the most vibrant streets of Ibiza Town filled with lights and cute little shops like ours (wink, wink). Sit and eat the most amazing food while Martin (bartender/owner) makes you the best Bloody Mary you have ever tasted – a definite must try when you are in town. Oh and don’t skip their provelone cheese and roasted chicken – you’re in for a treat.